YAY Birthday Roses $39.99

No better way to express your wishes to the birthday girl than with a unique gift that stands out. This lush 6” pink rose bush nestled in a 6” coral and gold polka dot hatbox with ‘YAY’ pick, sends just the right message with charm and grace. What’s more, the hatbox turns into a stylish, reusable container she can keep birthday cards and memories in long after.

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Mixed Sweet Roses$38.99

Stunning deep red roses are contrasted with vivid cerise roses and delicate palest pink roses and lovely silvery-green eucalyptus foliage completes this charming bouquet that will send your message of undying love and affection without the need for words.

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24 Red Roses with 12 Fancy Strawberries $79.99

Pure romance, pure tradition, pure red roses. Send two dozen roses to someone you love, because, with roses like these, they’re sure to love you back! This stunning bouquet is paired perfectly with 12 Fancy Strawberries! Surprise your someone special with these incredible, mouthwatering creations! Each succulent strawberry is dipped and covered with nuts, chocolate chips or additional drizzle. The end result is a heavenly combination of flavors.

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Sunset Dream Bouquet $169.99

The Sunset Dream Bouquet bursts with sun-drenched color to captivate and charm at every turn. Orange tulips, peach spray roses, pink garden roses, fuchsia roses, light orange tulips, light pink tulips and orange spray roses are brought together to create an eye-catching look. Tied together at the stems with a wide silver gray satin ribbon, this bouquet speaks of love’s unending emotion.

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Poetry Bouquet $429.99

The Poetry Bouquet has a look of pure elegance and charm that will make you look your bridal best. Red roses are accented with white tulips and white stephanotis blooms, beautifully tied together with a white French taffeta ribbon to give you an appearance that only poetry could describe.

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